Dear community ،السلام عليكم

After many discussions with the administration, we are glad to announce that we have reached a solution concerning the CIP matter. Starting this semester, students will no longer have to take both CIP and SLP. Instead, they can choose one of them to fulfill the civic engagement component.

However, because SLP is a one-credit course whereas CIP has no credits, students will need to adjust their degree plans to complete the number of credits so that:

– Students choosing to take SLP will not need to bring any modifications to their degree plan as they already have the required credit.
– Students opting for CIP will need to ensure that they have enough credits. Otherwise, each school will be providing classes with one credit that students can add to complete the requirement.

We would like to thank the VPAA who listened to our concerns and was responsive throughout the whole process.

We hope this clarifies matters and if you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us through the following link:


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