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Dear community ،السلام عليكم

We, the Student Government Association, are pleased to report that our first town hall meeting for this mandate was a great success. The large number of attendees, their feedback, and their criticism were pertinent and pinpointed. We are delighted to see that our community cares about the university and related matters. Therefore, here are in bulk some of the most crucial points students raised during the townhall meeting:

▸Impact of the growth strategy.
▸Housing assignments and city campus.
▸Quality of dining services.
▸Vans schedule.
▸Behavior of some students.
▸Academic matters (professors evaluation, book payment, majors, courses offering, research opportunities, etc.)
▸Payment of part-timers.
▸Campus store conditions.
▸Wifi issues.
▸Maintenance amelioration.

Other than that, many students reported incidents that happened to them and/or a friend. We have taken action immediately regarding these issues.

In general, the matters above are at the top of our priorities, and we are working to implement projects to solve them. Additionally, FAR bus shelter is under process, and you can find the updated vans schedule on our website. While the process of these projects may be lengthy, we rely on your collaboration and commitment to achieve it.

Do not hesitate to contact us through the following link for any concerns or inquiries:

Thank you for your trust.


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