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Dear Community,

We hope that the semester is going as smoothly as possible for everyone.

Here are the latest updates that we would like to share with you:

– Library: Fines are now applicable for noise and food consumption in order to ensure a calm and clean studying space for everyone. We count on students to be responsible and provide a comfortable study space for each other.

– Midterm dining extension: Cafeteria working hours are extended to 2AM this week and will operate 24h/7 for midterm week starting the 28th.
As for Proxirest, operational hours will extend to 1AM for the two coming weeks.

– Housing: The amount fined for lost keys has been reduced from 500MAD to 300MAD.
In addition, two ovens have been installed in downtown residences and are now functional.

Do not hesitate to reach out and voice your concerns in matters you think should be discussed.

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