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Dear community ،السلام عليكم

Ramadan Kareem for all, and may this fortunate month bring you happiness and serenity.

We have been attending a series of meetings with the dining managers regarding suitable food offerings, prices, and opening time for all students. We have managed to negotiate for lower prices in different items, for items that were unreasonably expensive to be removed, and for more tables and chairs to be placed in public areas.
In addition to the email sent by Mr. Hicham Hafid containing opening hours, we will share more updates about dining very soon.

Over the past month, we have been discussing the matter of class time during our weekly meetings with the VPAA. Following proposal from both sides, the result was what was communicated today by the VPAA. Starting April 4th, all classes finishing after 6:00 PM will be shifted either by two hours (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), or by one hour and a half (Tuesday, Thursday). Other scenarios may occur depending on the instructor and the agreement with students in the section.

Updates about vans, student spaces, and other matters related to this holy month will follow soon.

Have a blessed Ramadan!


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