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Dear community ،السلام عليكم

First and foremost, we would like to sincerely apologize for the continuous lack of communication and clarity with regard to the housing situation on campus. The significant indecisiveness and lack of preparedness became evident when it comes to accommodating the rapidly increasing number of students every year. We, the Student Government Association, continue to be fully against the pace by which things are moving forward.

Students should expect more information on housing arrangements starting the beginning of next week regarding the date and time of the online housing reservations. Once the reservations are done, the housing department will be working extra hours to complete the assignments across different housing facilities (Campus, Farah Inn, Downtown, and potentially new locations) before the start of the semester. However, in consequence of the increase in terms of this semester’s newcomers, the cohort of Fall and Spring 2021 will be given off-campus housing.

While we completely understand and appreciate the work and efforts done by housing staff, it is increasingly becoming harder to support the adoption of this expansion strategy and what it stands for in the grand scheme of things.

On account of this expansion, we refuse to let the voices of continuing students be stifled as we keep looking for ways to guarantee a smooth and rewarding semester for all students. As much as things have been extremely hectic for the past year, we can do nothing but act as best as we can given the situation that has been reached and keep pushing for optimal solutions concerning various departments.

Thank you for your trust and patience.


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