The AUI Student Government Association is an official student organization within Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI), Morocco. Its elected members represent the student body and voice their opinions to the relevant stakeholders in the AUI community.

Student Representatives

The Student Government Association is composed of 16 senators that are elected by AUI students. They are distributed depending on their respective committees or the board.

Roles of the SGA

The Student Government Association serves Al Akhawayn University’s students on different aspects:

  • Contributing to the institutional vision of Al Akhawayn University
  • Launch and develop projects that aim to improve the quality of life in AUI
  • Promote and assist students in their initiatives towards the AUI community
  • Communicate about matters that are related to students
  • Monitoring the situation of Student Services and Academics

SGA Board

The Student Government Association’s board is composed of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary-General and a Treasurer.

To know more about the current board, please check the Team page.

Current Committees

The current Student Government Association team is divided into three major committees:

  1. Student Services Committee: concerns itself with the following issues: Expressing students’ concerns regarding housing, restaurant, campus store, and other university services.
  2. The Academic Affairs committee concerns itself with the following issues: Expressing students’ concerns, helping the students comprehend their rights and responsibilities regarding academic affairs, Contributing to the university‘s stated commitment to excellence as well as contributing to the enhancement of programs and course offerings.
  3. Public Relations Committee concerns itself with the following issues: Maintaining a constant line of communication with students through different channels, gathering students’ complaints and feedback, organizing events and promoting the image of AUI.

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