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This article brings you both new announcements and follow-up to previous announcements. The Student Government Association met with VPAA this Tuesday and the meeting was concluded with the following information.

Housing Refunds

An agreement has finally been reached and we would like to announce that students will be benefiting from housing refunds on a pro rate basis. More details will follow up soon.


Workload Increase

Many students have noticed a trend that consisted of an increased amount of workload following these circumstances. This issue has been addressed by the administration and faculty has been asked to be supportive of students.

if you are still facing issues regarding this matter, please reach out to us with more details.

Attendance Policy

The SGA has discussed the matter of the attendance policy with the administration. Deans have effectively asked Faculty to provide an added level of flexibility when it comes to recording attendance. This is in the light of the numerous issues that can take place when it comes to internet connectivity among other things.

The Continuation of Online Teaching

Spring Semester

The rest of this semester will be fully online, as communicated by the administration.

Intersession Period

Students will only be charged for tuition fees.

Summer Session

There currently is no visibility on what the government will decide. A statement of charges will be communicated by CFO for both scenarios. 

We hope that some of your questions and inquiries on Covid-19 Help Desk have been addressed in this article, we will be providing a follow-up on some points that are yet to be addressed in the near future. As always, if you have more questions or concerns, please do reach out by visiting this link.

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