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Health Services Report Summary

The Student Government Association has conducted a survey on the current status of the Student Health Services offered at AUI. As we have mentioned in our latest #SGAWeek, we are very grateful to all the community members who allocated some of their time to take part in this survey that covered general questions about the Health Center, Counseling Services, and Psychiatry Services. Here we share with you, as promised, a summary of what you had to say about these services.

The Student Government Association is working closely to find ways to properly handle the situation and we hope that our interactions with the Health Services lead to positive results, provided that they are as responsive as possible when it comes to handling our requests.

Student Awareness of the Services

1 %
Health Center

of students are aware of the Health Center Services*

1 %
Counseling & Psyichiatry

of students are aware of the Counseling & Psychiatry Services*

Health Center lacks appropriate & clear guidelines

56.8% of students are fully aware of the services of offered by the Health Center, while 39.2% of them are only approximately aware of them, leaving 4% who are not aware of said services.

While there is no doubt that most students are conscious of HC services, the number of students that are either confused about or completely unaware of these services, amounts to 43.2% which is too high a number.

More awareness through its advertising but falls behind to reach the majority

While 30.7% of students are either vaguely so or completely unaware of the offered Mental Health services in AUI, 69.4% of students are fully aware of them. Despite the positivity of the results, 30.7% is too big a number for unawareness.

In case of emergency or incapacitation, how effective is the response of the Health Center to a student’s call for help ?

(0 – Very Low, 5 – Very High)


Some Notes & Key Remarks

Some results regarding student experiences and ratings have been left out to preserve anonymity. However, we can still use that information and all of what we have shared with you above to discuss and reflect on points like the following.

70% of students identified one of the key issues with the Health Center to be related to the process of getting an excused absence, 60.1% thought that of the staff’s behavior as a key issue, and 50% of students considered the lack of medication provided at the HC a key issue.

In addition to that, 64 testimonies were provided by students based on personal experiences that we have chosen not to disclose for privacy reasons as previously mentioned.


The Student Government Association has worked on an extensive report following the results of the survey, in addition to other information that we have gathered that allowed us to compile a comprehensive assessment of the Student Health Services offered at AUI. This assessment covers various different aspects from availability of information to staff behavior. We have also followed up with a list of meaningful suggestions and recommendations that we sincerely hope are going to be taken seriously during our future meetings with the department in question.


*Percentage out of 222 Students who filled the survey.

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  1. imane says:

    thank you for doing what you can concerning the health center. there are as you mentioned several issues and they need to be tackled.
    keep up the good work, and again, thank you for speaking on our behalf 🙂

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