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The Student Government Association received complaints from students regarding the non-existence of any communication by the Office of International Programs regarding the ISEP Study Abroad program that we have in our university. Students were normally informed by any procedure related to ISEP via the OIP before the start of the semester, to allow students to make informed decisions about their choices and application processes.

SGA representatives met Ms. Amy Fishburn, director of the OIP, to discuss the issue. It was communicated to us that emails were sent during Spring about the matter and that the selection process is already ongoing. Today, the director made a correction that no email nor announcement has been sent in this regard. All students can apply to ISEP Programs before the deadline (September 15th) on the website.

The reason for this issue, according to the OIP director, is the unexpected staff changes in the office and its current inability to handle all procedures and necessary communication about the matter. This point is very problematic for us, as important information and deadlines need to be communicated to students and procedures for exchange programs need to be clearer.

The Student Government Association will maintain a close follow-up on the matter and update students accordingly.

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