About Us:

The Student Leadership Council serves as the one and only legitimate governing body responsible for representing the student organizations of AUI. Its executive board is elected from the pool of current student organizations’ leaders and its membership includes a representative from each student organization’s board. It offers student organizations a common ground for collaboration and cooperation in addition to encouraging and promoting student participation in student life. The Council’s revival occurred in March 2019, during the previous SGA’s mandate. 

Our Work:

During its first mandate, the SLC initiated the digitization process for SAO forms and processes, facilitated the elections of 28 student organizations, and renewed the Student Involvement Award Competition. In collaboration with the SGA, the SLC produced a comprehensive 19-page report about the state of student activities and engagement in AUI and collaborated with the Vice President of Student Affairs on implementing some recommendations. The SLC board also participated in the AUI Strategic Vision Plan for 2020-2025 and succeeded in making “student engagement” an institutional priority. 

Starting December 2019, following the election of its latest executive board, the SLC has become an independent entity operating under the SGA, as both entities aim to enhance student life and encourage student engagement. Despite the suspension of on-campus activities due to Covid-19, the SLC has continued to fulfill its agenda, namely amending policies and bureaucratic processes that impede student involvement and the creation of new bold events. 

Our Achievements:

Reinventing the Club Fair

The creation of a unified fair that groups student organizations and athletics teams to serve as an optimal platform to showcase and promote all the student-led organizations.

Student Involvement Award

We have created this celebration to recognize the hard work put by the active members and executive boards of student organizations, without which there will be no student life.

Digitization of SAO Deliverables

The Digitization of "Student Activities Office Forms" in the aim of streamlining bureaucratic processes and providing much-needed visibility and trackability on interdepartmental workflows .

Operating Guide Policy Review

Amending the current policies on the “Operating Guide for Student Organizations,” whose last update was in 2016, with clauses to be in accordance with common practices and serve institutional effectiveness.

Student Involvement Award

Our Future:

Given the uncertainty around the future of on-campus activities due to the Covid-19 restriction, the SLC will continue to work hard and lay out the groundwork for all these agenda items, so that student organizations and life can pick up full steam when the circumstances allow it. Said agenda items include:

  • Facilitating Student Organization transition into online activities
  • Bettering financial transparency and accessibility for student organizations
  • Second Edition of the Student Involvement Award (SIA) as an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the achievements of student organizations who enrich student life. 
  • Continuing the Digitization Project and streamlining bureaucratic workflows. 
  • Strategies to enhance faculty and staff involvement on student organization events and ventures. 

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