This week’s digest will try to summarize all the things that the Student Government Association has been working on for the past two weeks. As weeks go by, more and more pressure is felt within the SGA because of the constraint of time and the amount of projects that need to be finalized.

Student Services

Van Services
Following a number of reports / complaints regarding different areas of the Van Services, SGA has met with the manager for Van Services and has raised a variety of different cases.
We have raised the issue of lack of van tickets and proposed a clearer redesign for the schedule, which Mr. Akrout was willing to adopt. We also suggested new time slots for pickups from building 18. Following some complaints about vans not respecting the times provided in the schedule, Mr. Akrout emphasized that the times in the schedule are for optimal circumstances in Ifrane. Delays are very likely to happen when Ifrane is full of tourists and/or snow.

Moreover, we went on a tour to pinpoint van stops and we have recorded details on these stops. These details will be written on the new van schedule to help students easily identify where they will be dropped off.
Health Services

For the past two weeks, the Student Government Association has been working on a comprehensive report regarding Health Services that pinpoints a large number of issues tackled case by case. The report expresses the lack of satisfaction from students and we have made sure to include an extensive list that includes elaborate recommendations.

This Sunday, a meeting was held with Dr. Guennoun where we presented the report. Another meeting has been scheduled this week to discuss the Psychiatry Services as well.

Finally, we will be working on providing the available Health Services resources on the Student Government Association website for better visibility on different processes and guidelines.

Campus Store

Last week, a meeting was held with the Campus Store Assistant to stress on the necessity for good internal communication and coherence between employees and part-timers. 

We have also received reports that the product changes have been positive and led to an increased number of visitors to the Campus Store. We also stressed on the importance of having prices displayed properly and of bettering overall logistics.

Finally, we are looking forward to having new product offerings by this week or the following week.


Course Evaluations

The Academics Committee of the Student Government Association has conducted a meeting last week with Dr. Violetta Cavalli-Sforza to discuss the course evaluations format and frequency. Minor modifications will be made and course evaluations will take place twice a semester as it has been the case in past semesters (excluding Fall 2019).

SHSS Course Rotation

SGA Senators have worked on a new list that is more convenient regarding SHSS Course Rotations. A meeting with the SHSS dean is to be conducted soon. Any progress regarding this particular case depends significantly on how responsive they are towards our meeting requests.

Student Leadership Council

This week, for the SLC, updates include an ongoing process of digitizing forms related to Student Organizations: the Action Plan form has been implemented effectively in a way that efficiently digitizes interactions between the Student Activities Office, Student Organizations, and the advisors of the organizations. The Student Leadership Council will conduct a meeting with the Student Activities Office this week to finalize the pre-event form as well.

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