This week’s digest will try to summarize all the things that the Student Government Association has been working on for the past two weeks. As weeks go by, more and more pressure is felt within the SGA because of the constraint of time and the amount of projects that need to be finalized.

Student Services

Van Services

The final van schedule for this semester will be uploaded shortly, as well as a key to understand the van stops. 

The Student Government Association will post visuals in highly-populated areas in order for schedules and maps to be more readily available. 

Health Center

The health center’s policies and procedures are being worked on by our senators. Several recommendations have been made following our students survey and modifications are underway. 

The Student Government Association met with the dining services coordinator and the company representatives of the area to discuss dining services. A meeting will be held in the next two weeks to talk about new menus and new prices. The process will involve student feedback and suggestions. 


Student Representatives

SBA and SSE senators met with the deans of their respective schools to discuss the election of representatives for each major/concentration. Representatives are meant to voice ideas and concerns on different topics in academics. SHSS has had representatives since Fall 2019 but the system will now be made uniform across all schools.

Elections will be held soon. 

SHSS I Minor

Until this week, the I minor has been available for other schools but not SHSS. Throughout the semester, the SGA representatives have been working with Dean Marzouk to implement the minor. 

The proposed minors were: history and philosophy but our senators will work on finding the right combinations for cohesive minors that will make sense as a thematic.

Office Hours

SGA senators have compiled a list of the office hours across all schools. The office hours are now available on the website. Please contact us if there is any mistake. 

Program Options in SSE

After a meeting with Dr. Rachidi, we are happy to inform you that new program options will be available next semester. CS students will have several options, and both GE and EMS students will have at least one option each. 

Meeting with the COO

Yassir Touhami, the current C.O.O. and an Al Akhawayn University Alumni, had a meeting with the Student Government Association about re-designing student spaces. The conference room in building 2, student lounges, and outside spaces will be redesigned to suit the needs of AUI students. More details about the re-designs will be shared soon. 


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