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This week’s digest will try to summarize all the things that the Student Government Association has been working on for the past two weeks. We are happy to share with you the following good news:

Long Weekend
For the long weekend, which will be from Thursday, October 28th to Sunday, November 1st, students will be allowed to go home, so long as they provide a 48h-old negative PCR test upon their return to campus. All classes the following week from Monday, November 2nd to Thursday, November 5th will be online, which will allow students to stay home until Sunday, November 8th. Please note that Friday, November 6th is the Green March Holiday. In general, students can return to campus on any day between November 1st and November 8th with a 48h-old negative PCR test.
Health Services

Concerning health services, AUI now has conventions to bring a dentist, traumatologist, and physiotherapist to the health center on a 24h notice.

We look forward to sharing more good news from our health center proposals soon with you.

On-Campus Special Requests

Over the past month, we worked closely with both the student life director, M. Kamane, and the DSA, Dr. Fatmi, to process all the requests for on-campus housing.

We are happy to announce that we successfully managed to accommodate more than 200 students with their requests, based on the merit and circumstances presented.


New Students TCF/DALF Deadline

With regards to the Language Center, new students were expected to submit an external French test certificate (TCF/TEF /DALF/DELF) this semester to determine the number of French courses they need to take in AUI.

Thankfully, the deadline for the submission of the external French test for new students has been extended until next Fall.

Vegetables/Fruits on Campus

You can now find the vegetables, announced in the last post, every Sunday between 2 to 5pm in building 14 (next to proxirest).The current offering includes potatoes, tomatoes, onions, carrots, cucumbers, apples, and bananas. They are sold in 0.5 Kg units and paid by cashwallet. A survey will be shared in order to expand the offering and cater to more needs

Upcoming Projects: 
We are currently working on kickstarting Ifrane vans for students. Alternatively, we are processing the feedback we have received on the Academics survey. If you haven’t filed it yet, you can still do so:

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