This week’s digest will try to summarize all the things that the Student Government Association has been working on this semester including after our last major announcement at the end of last semester. This includes progress on ongoing projects, major events, and update on different varying cases, divided into major sections.

Student Services

Campus Store

Several Meetings with Campus Store managers have led to us receiving several promises that we hope would be implemented accordingly. Current changes that have taken effect are the addition of “Mario” Tuna and “Indomie” to the campus store. The latter has also improved the display of product prices and arrangements.

Vans Services

The SGA is closely working with Van Services in order to improve the availability of vans, be more accurate when defining pick up locations and facilitate access to the van services through clearer and lucid schedule visuals.

Additionally the SGA is discussing with Van Services the possibility to schedule frequent trips to Meknes for students who either live or take the train to other cities. Other discussions include the feasibility of Cash Wallet Payment of Van trips as a more practical replacement to ticket purchases.

Health Services

We would like to thank the AUI community for your active engagement in the Student Health Services survey that we announced two weeks ago. We have received an overwhelming response that we will be sharing in the coming days.

We hope that our future crucial surveys will incorporate similar, if not a higher response rate


SBA and SSE Representatives

The Academics Committee at the Student Government Association is working on generalizing the current SHSS representatives system and apply is to SBA and SSE. The SGA hopes that such meetings result in positive results from both the deans of SBA & SSE.

Clubs Fair

The Student Leadership Council has worked tirelessly to hold the Clubs Fair that took place this last Thursday in the Gymnasium. Clubs and Athletic Teams were able to showcase their main activities and attract more students. This is part of the SLC’s continuous efforts to empower student organisations and develop student activities and initiatives on campus.

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