This week, the SGA has begun the finalization of many of its projects and we are very proud to announce that many of the goals that were set in the beginning of our mandate are being achieved. We are glad that our involvement in making our university better is not limited to crisis management only, rather, we believe that structural improvements are being implemented.

Books Policy Announcement

This week we announced that our university will transition to digital textbooks starting next semester, to fully adopt an online textbooks platform in Fall 2020. This marks the end of the first phase of our books policy project in which we aimed for a cheaper and more convenient alternative for students in AUI when it comes to textbooks.

Our challenge, and perhaps the SGA’s next board’s challenge would be overseeing the implementation and guaranteeing that the transition period is done in a smooth matter. We hope that all students’ concerns will be taken into consideration with corrective measures to be taken if necessary.

Student Services

Health and Wellness

The SGA is participating in the Health and Wellness week organized by the VPSA office. Our volunteers are working with the SGA and Student Life director to contribute with activities and panel discussions around themes related to the wellness of our students and raising awareness about a number of issues that our community suffers from.  

Health Center

The SGA met with Dr. Adnane Guennoun to discuss several issues that we have identified at the level of the Health Center. Dr. Guennoun announced that new partnerships with better hospitals in Fez and Meknes are being finalized. Another point was also discussed regarding cases of unfriendly behavior from staff in the HC and the issuance of excused absences in certain cases.

Vision 2020-2025: 8 students are contributing to shape the future of AUI

SGA Senators, Student Leadership Council’s Vice-President and General Secretary as well as SGA Volunteers were assigned to 8 different groups of staff, faculty and executives to work on the next strategic vision of our university. We believe that the students’ perspective will bring a positive input to the elaboration of the next set of priorities of our university.


Your turn to report

The SGA is inviting all students to help us in making sure that faculty members provide their students with enough visibility about their performance before the midterm grade reports and the “Last day to drop with a W” deadline.

If you feel like, in one of your classes or many, you didn’t have visibility about your grade (no quizzes returned, no midterms, no reporting on Jenzabar, etc.) before the drop deadline, fill the form here.

SSE Thematic Areas

In order to provide SSE students with thematic areas that match the students’ expectations and interests, the SGA is working closely with the SSE to gather information about what students want to study, advertise better the course offerings and thematic areas in general as well as getting feedback from students in this matter.

The SGA is also collaborating with the SSE on the matter of engineering approved electives. 

SHSS courses and time conflicts

SGA Senators started the process of enhancing the SHSS course rotation list with student representatives from the school as well as the program coordinator and the Dean.

We received reports from many students that find difficulties with adding classes because of time conflicts of courses that are usually corequesites or necessary in students’ degree plans.

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