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Sen. Ziyad Mourabiti – Head of Public Relations and Communication at the SGA

As the Head of PR, Ziyad was primarily in charge of streamlining SGA interactions with students, AUI staff members, executives, and departments through emails, SGA website, and social media. A major aspect of his responsibilities was the monitoring and handling of activity on all the official SGA media channels to ensure smooth communication, regular updates and management of ad hoc online situations. 

In so doing, he was in charge of the technical and compositional aspects of the Student Government Association Website. Here are some of the adjustments and new features that he added to the website:

  • Digitizing and updating Faculty Office Hours in coordination with the Academics Committee.
  • Project Table that visualizes past and on-going SGA projects and information to facilitate student engagement.
  • Van Signup Page for weekly trips to Meknes in coordination with the Students Life Committee.
  • Covid-19 Help Desk which served as a complaint management system that sorted issues between those that required an ad hoc generalist approach and those that needed a case-by-case assessment.  

Finally, Ziyad was one of two SGA representatives who remained on campus for the duration of the Spring semester in order to ensure that students and the rest of the SGA team had direct knowledge of the events and decisions that happened on campus.

Sen. Nada Cheddadi – Head of the Student Life Committee at the SGA

As Head of the Student Life Committee, Nada Cheddadi was primarily responsible for the supervision of all ongoing projects within the Committee while leading some projects of her own. As such, in the relatively short time span that is 6 weeks in which she served on-campus as an SGA senator, she led a project on Student Spaces, and oversaw various others on Health Center, Dining Services, Vans, Housing Department.

In so doing, she had participated in various meetings with different departments and the VPSA, contributed to the making of amendments and decisions related to the aforementioned departments, and used her experience of leadership in student-activities to better advise the Committee task-force on their respective projects. Here are some of the projects she has contributed to:

  • Adjustment and Amendments to the Health Center Policies & Procedures Manual.
  • Creation of affordable Meal Plan options to the Dining Services planned for Spring 2020.
  • Diversifying the products available in the Campus Store to include more affordable options.
  • Building on the previous SGA’s work on Vans as a more affordable and convenient means of transportation for students within Ifrane.
  • Introducing intercity trips to Meknes, Fes, and Rabat.
  • Upgrading and renovating Student Spaces around campus.
  • Conducting weekly meetings with former SBA Dean, Dr. Mary Grace Neville, alongside SBA senators of the Academics Committee to voice all Covid-19 related difficulties and concerns

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to both senators for their hard work, their perseverance and most importantly their unwavering will to serve and improve student experience in AUI.  Their input and contributions proved invaluable in enabling the SGA to navigate the unprecedented hardships associated with our work in the context of the Covid-19 outbreak, for that we remain grateful to them.

Our best wishes for their upcoming projects, 

SGA Team

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