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A Live-stream took place late Tuesday to address your concerns and answer your questions. We covered the following points (in no particular order). Before getting into that however, please note that the main aim of us raising these points is to shed light on diverse and complex situations that have surfaced due to these circumstances and to assist in introducing the perspective of students with regards to the kind of issues that have risen amid the transition to online classes.

Workload increase
Students have explicitly voiced concerns over an increased number of assessments and general class workload. While that does not cover all classes, it is still a noticeable trend among many of them. We have reported this to the administration and they were aware of the situation as has been a trend that was noticed among many universities worldwide.
Payment for part-time jobs (Scholarships & Financial Aid).

Financial Aid Part-timers can no longer fulfill Part-Time requirements of 10 hours a week for obvious reasons that are out of their control. These circumstances has limited the ability for these students to receive financial aid benefits and we believe that this is important for students not to lose these benefits for reasons they cannot control.

Housing Refunds

The SGA has requested the Administration to discuss the feasibility of arranging partial housing refunds. While the Administration did consider this a valid concern, this proposal has laid the ground for more questions than answers due to the complexity of the proposal and its dependency on the length of the lock-down. Other points were deemed more urgent and it is necessary that they are handled first.

Deadline extension for exchange credits approval.

Students who were on exchange last fall were obliged to submit their Post-Approval form for classes this week. Given these circumstances, the SGA requested for the administration to postpone the deadline. A new date will be communicated soon.

CIP hours’ for students graduating this spring and summer.

Students who are graduating soon may have missed the opportunity to fulfill their CIP requirements due to the lockdown. This was another complex issue that has been raised and it is currently under investigation.

Switching to a Pass/Fail system

One of the most talked about points was switching to a Pass/Fail system. As discussed in the livestream, we did raise this point to the administration and acknowledged the fact that this decision will not necessarily be beneficial for a variety of students who are either on their last semester, on probation, or simply students who are in favor of keeping the letter grade system. This is the most complex point out of all what has been discussed so far and it is still under ongoing talks.

Other important points include:

Deadline extension for second installment

Issues related to Internship, Capstone and Thesis

The Graduation Ceremony

Administration is aware of the situation and has received our recommendations for each individual point. We will keep on following up and updating you in as soon as a decision is made. Our helpdesk remains open and all feedback is welcome.

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