This page is a list of current projects that are being tackled by different committees of the Student Government Association

The projects table defines projects that the Student Government Association has been working on. These projects have either been issued by the current SGA, or by previous SGAs.

As it is apparent, some of these project have been tackled by multiple SGAs. This is proof that projects require commitment and time. Thus, It is also an opportunity to give immense credit to the previous Student Government Senators who put significant efforts in projects that have reached different levels of progression.

ProjectDate IssuedCurrent StatusLatest UpdateCommittee
Books PolicySGA 2017MAJOR RESULTSRead: #SGAWeek Academics Committee
Inclusion ProjectSGA 2020
(December 2019)
NEWAvailable in Future Publications Members of Academics Committee
Student Representatives (SBA & SSE)SGA 2019IN PROGRESSAvailable in Future PublicationsAcademics Committee
DALF/DELF Certificate ApprovalSGA 2019MAJOR RESULTSRead: French Placement RequirementsMembers from the EB & Academics Committee
Enhance Campus Store OfferingsSGA 2019MAJOR RESULTSRead: #SGAWeekStudent Life Committee
Review the performance of Health ServicesSGA 2020NEWRead: Student Community at AUIStudent Life Committee
Vans PolicySGA 2019MAJOR RESULTSRead: #SGAWeekStudent Life Committee
SHSS Rotation ListSGA 2019NEWAvailable in Future PublicationsAcademics Committee

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