Before being SGA Senators, we are students after all. We believe that the main goal of the SGA should be split into three major axes:

  • The continuous improvement of campus life and academic life through the major Academics/Student Life components of the SGA.
  • The development of Al Akhawayn University’s common vision following a participative approach that includes students, faculty and administration.
  • The empowerment of students and the total support of positive initiatives and ideas as well as fostering a strong sense of community in AUI.

Continuous Improvement

Always striving for the best!

In this strategic goal, the aim of the SGA is to provide valuable and constructive input on a continuous manner in order to make sure that our university is always advancing positively. The Student Government Association’s structure should always be flexible in order to accommodate for the different challenges that our university might face. The Student Life committee should always monitor the situation of the different departments related to life on campus such as Dining, Housing, Campus Store/Bookstore, Library, Athletics and provide as much input as possible to help staff members maintain high quality services to the students. 

At the SGA, we always value constructive discussions and positive criticism in order to advance. SGA Senators always make sure to provide their interlocutors with a detailed assessment of the situation, suggested ideas and an action plan. 

Ideally, the monitoring by the SGA would become minimal with more emphasis put on how to improve the services provided to the students as well as new realistic and beneficial ideas for the students.

Contributing to AUI’s vision and Strategic Plans

We believe that our university cannot advance without a clear and transparent general vision and strategic plan that is developed in partnership with the students, faculty and the administration. It requires heavy involvement and commitment by the students. Our work consists in motivating students and raising awareness about the importance of involving themselves in shaping the future of our university.

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