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New French Placement Tests to be Approved by the Language Center

Following an important announcement issued earlier this semester regarding the Approval of External TCF/TEF Certificates, new updates have taken place and we are very pleased to announce the following:

  • Starting Spring 2020, the Language Center (LC) will start accepting DALF/DELF Certificates.

This is a crucial step that allows students to have a wider range of valid French Placement test certificates that they can submit to the Language Center instead of taking the Institutional TEF.

Finally, We encourage all students to reach out to the Student Government Association for any clarification, questions, or issues that require assistance. You can do this by filing a complaint.

5 Replies to “New Update Regarding The French Placement Requirements”

  1. Farouk Lemyesser says:

    What levels are required not to have anymore french classes?
    What about old students, does this apply to them (TCF/DELF/DALF), and people who already took a french class already?
    How old should the certificates be?
    Are there deadlines for the submissions of the certificates?

  2. Yassir says:

    I believe the cut off to be exempted is a C1 in compulsory sections and a B2 in writing. I asked them a month ago, previously it was a B2 for everything, but this time they changed it to C1 i don’t know why, Any clarifications on that too would be appreciated

    • Ziyad Mourabiti says:

      Hello Yassir, I want to clarify that in order to be exempted from taking french courses, you need a score of C1 or above. This has been the case since 2017 and you can refer to the catalog 2017-2019 at Page 123.

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