In this article we will be summarizing a number of announcements that have been made beginning from the SGA Town Hall Meeting up to now. Different news will be shared as soon as more details are compiled and confirmed.

Student Life Committee

Health Services Policies

Today, the Student Government Association had a meeting with the VPSA and presented both our policy proposals and report on the Health Center, along with our modifications/updated version of Health Center Documents.

Our proposals concern the following topics: Reviewing the Excused Absences procedure and the Health Center Emergency Protocol, with proposals of solutions, seeing as these were some of the main recognized issues according to the survey.

These proposals include a review of the insurance policy and a suggestion of a new insurance plan that could make sure students are taken in charge however much time they want to be (to solve the issue of internships, intersessions, semesters abroad…)

Van Services

For the very first time, we have managed to offer weekly van trips to Meknes to facilitate transportation for students who either live in Meknes, or use the Train for different destinations.

The updated schedule for regular campus van trips is available here on the website. You can also sign-up for Meknes trips when announced on this page.

Most importantly, The Student Life Committee has managed to offer van trips exclusively to Rabat, Fes, Fes Airport, and Meknes for the Spring Break, to further facilitate transportation and provide students with good value for the money using cashwallet transfers.

SAO Lounge Renovations

The Student Government Association had a meeting with the Architect in charge of exciting renovations that will take place on both the SAO Lounge and Student Lounge. These renovations include a complete redesign of these spaces in order to offer better usability and flexibility when it comes to the different events and settings that take place in said lounges.


Extension of SSE Internship Deadline

Following multiple reports and complaints that were filed to the SGA by SSE students regarding the Internship Deadline, the Academics Committee held a meeting with the Dean of the School of Science & Engineering. This fruitful meeting resulted in the following:

  • The Internship deadline has been extended to June 03 2020.
  • Late internship submission penalties will not be applied.

SHSS Minors & Individual Minor

Students have the ability to select / choose courses for the i-minor with their advisors and/or professors who teach in the field they are minoring in. Small groups of people can be built for each individual minor to ease course offerings.

We highly recommend that you start planning your minor as soon as possible in order to facilitate the process of course offerings as is the case with building these small groups of students.

Course Evaluations

The Academics Committee has worked on improving the Course Evaluations process as well as the quality of questions. The form will go live soon but it is very important to mention that students must take these evaluations very seriously. Many questions have been re-considered to allow for less ambiguity. This will significantly help with providing professors with meaningful and constructive feedback on different levels.

Student Representatives

Following our announcement about Student Representatives for SSE and SBA in #SGAWeek and SGA Town Hall Meeting, we would like to add that applications for Student Representatives will soon be available. More details will follow in the coming days, stay tuned.

Public Relations & Communication

SGA Town Hall Meeting & Complaint System

The Student Government Association would like to thank students who attended our first SGA Town Hall event. We had a lot of announcements to share of which some will be communicated in the coming days. We had a fruitful Q&A session that helped clear some ambiguity that included some of the website features of the Student Government Association.

The main feature consists of the Complaints platform. Students must take it very seriously when filing a complaint, as it is important to specify relevant details to the situation. Many issues have been raised and solved because of the accuracy of some students in stating these details.

Finally, while it is indeed made mainly to streamline the (sometimes) overwhelming amount of complaints, it is also a place where students can ask questions if they have any.

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