Pre-Order your Ftour

This platform was made for the purpose of allowing students to preorder their ftours in advance. Previous ramadans on campus were known for long queues in restaurants. To alleviate the load and reduce waiting times, we are offering this solution for all students.

First, you need to pick either newrest or proxirest, then fill the form below with your order and your planned pick up time.

Preorders end at 8:00 AM. If an order is made afterwards, it will count for the next day. Please note that the process is automated, so there will not be any ways of pushing the deadline or changing orders. The time was pushed back in order to allow providers more time to prepare orders.

The pricing of every item is available below the form.

Nems Poulet Asiatique12,7
2x Briouat deux fromages olive9,87
2x Briouat VH9,87
Pastilla fruit de mer18,06
Pastilla poulet23,35
Quiche lorraine 14,65
Jus panache8,5
Jus carotte8,5
Jus avocat8,5
Pain farci VH8,6
Harira 5,62
Soupe de légumes6,27
Soupe belboula6,27
Chausson au thon12,02
Œufs durs2,18
Batbout chawarma poulet7,53
Msemen 2,59
Harcha aux olives4,96
Bande pizza9,5
Crêpe farci VH18,09
Gaufre chocolat9,87
3x Chebakia2,18
6x Dattes2,18
Miel coupelle2,43
Confiture coupelle1,41
Fromage KIRI1,83
Fromage V.Q.R1,34
Salade fromagère29,03
Salade italienne6,25
Mhalabia colis fruit8,79
Vol au vent poulet12,02
Vol au vent thon12,02
Vol au vent charcuterie12,02
Tartelette fruits12,29
Menu Ftour Ramadan36.46
Pastilla Fruit de Mer23.62
Tagine VH20.97
Pastilla Poulet20.49
Friand Hotdog15.44
Tagine Berber14.55
Jus Royal14.11
Crépes 13.37
Quiche Lorraine12.66
Feuilleté Thon12.52
Jus d’Avocat11.36
Mini Brochette Poulet11.17
Mini Brochette VH11.17
Chausson Thon 10.25
Chausson Fromage8.81
Jus Panache8.00
Jus d’Orange8.00
Jus de Citron8.00
Jus de Fraise8.00
Mini Pizza Poulet7.93
Mini Pizza Thon 7.88
Chocolat Chaud6.74
Msemen Farci POULET6.60
Nemes Farci Poulet6.15
Msemen Farci VH6.02
Café au Lait4.65
8x Dattes4.24
3x Chebakia3.63
Batbout farci VH3.63
Lait Chaud3.60
Café Noir3.01
Harcha 2.64
Msemen 1.99
Fromage Kiri1.58
Confiture 1.16

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