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The Student Government Association’s main aim has always been to serve AUI students in different aspects. Since the beginning of our mandate, that is what the different committees have been working on in order to satisfy the demand and needs of the community. This report will try to summarize all the things that the SGA has been working on for the past two months. Since its first day in office, the 2021 mandate strives to represent students to the best of its ability, and address their concerns pertaining to all aspects of academic and campus life in AUI. From dining services to class recordings, all senators have been working around the clock to satisfy the needs of the student body. On a bimonthly basis, the SGA summarizes its progress, in a document containing novelties and changes. 


Since the beginning of the semester, the academics committee has been working closely with the VPAA as well as the deans to come up with different scenarios concerning Spring 2021. Taking into consideration the fact that the situation has not changed, that most of the classes are still delivered online, and that most of the student body still faces network issues and low bandwidth, class recording became mandatory. With the help of VPAA and the CLT, faculty will be given the proper training to record, edit, and share class recordings with their students. 

Adding to that, the Academics committee has been working with the administration on improving the surveys to get more valuable information and feedback from the students. Moreover, to deal with some issues regarding classes and professors, a new tab has been added to the SGA website solely dedicated to academic complaints. The answers are anonymous and have been shared with the VPAA and the deans of each school. 

Furthermore, each school representative has met with the respective deans to discuss issues and improvements. 

  • SSE: 

The SSE representative has met with Dr. Sendide to discuss expanding the list of thematic areas offered for GE and EMS students. Aside from discussing the limited offering, some potential solutions were also brought up such as providing data from students willing to commit to a thematic area, providing a list of thematic areas taken by students on exchange to be communicated with the students, and a specific thematic area could be offered provided that there are enough committed students and faculty available. 

  • SHSS: 

The SHSS representative has met with Dr. Marzouk as well as the school representatives to discuss the SHSS course rotation and course offering as well as the program sheet that will be reviewed by both the representatives and the dean in a collaborative effort to improve it as much as possible. Concerning course offering, each school representative sent out a survey to their respective majors to get feedback from students regarding the classes that they would want to see offered in the upcoming semester. The results will be shared with the dean and program coordinator in a future meeting. 

  • SBA:

The SBA representative has met with Dr. Chetioui to discuss the complaints received about different professors. The issue with some faculties on how quizzes are done without notice and lack of flexibility cannot be entirely solved since it depends on the professor’s methodology but the SGA is working on trying to find a common ground. Additionally, the issue of faculty not posting slides or material on the portal is to be looked at, as well as the syllabus; the same goes for the transparency of grades on the portal; the issue will be solved in response to the complaints received.  Moreover, SBA is working in cooperation with the Language Center to open a Chinese minor. All of this information will be communicated to the professors by Dr. Koubida.

  • Language Center: 

Since 2019, the SGA has worked with the Language Center regarding the approval of DELF/DALF/TCF certificates. This was a crucial step since it allowed students to have a wider range of valid French Placement certificates that they could submit to the Language Center other that the TEF. Students who enrolled during Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 sessions will have until the 30th of September 2021 to present their TCF/DELF/DALF certificates to the Language Center. 

Student Life: 

  • Housing:

The SGA has been working closely with the housing department in order to make the housing reservation a smooth process and avoid any of the issues that occurred last semester. Special requests are still being processed, therefore any student who wishes to have on-campus housing can do so simply by sending one. Moreover, the SGA has been attending meetings concerning the new residential and academic buildings that will be built. 

  • Student Spaces: 

The SGA has heard students complaints about the lack of student spaces and lounges. Part of the SGA’s agenda is to add more student spaces, for that two of our senators went to Casablanca to pick out new furniture to redecorate the spaces. Moreover, lounges in building 14 now open, as well as rooms in the ground floor of building 4.

  • Student Activities:

Since the beginning of the mandate, SGA, SLC and SAO combined their efforts to update the current Student Activities Office Operating guide by revamping the different amendments of the guide in order to better serve the AUI student organizations, further simplify their operations for an end goal of providing the best working policies and procedures for the advancement of student organizations. 

  • Bookstore:

The SGA has been working closely with Dr. Lotfi to ensure that the book adjustment can be processed earlier for the upcoming semesters; there is this option to work with NeoCedrus to come up with an app that could help with this process. Moreover, the book adjustment will be prioritized for the students that are currently living on campus

  • Campus Store: 

Enhancing the quality of the campus store has always been one of our priorities. Since the beginning of the semester and with the help of Mr. Salem Benzidi, the SGA has been trying to revamp the shop, which explains the current opening hours. Moreover, a survey was shared with the rest of the student body in order to get some feedback about the store’s opening hours and products they would like to see available. Thanks to one of our senators’ efforts, the store is being restocked based on what the students filled in the survey.

  • Dining:

A recurring issue that had been continuously raised by the student body is that of dining, notably the overcrowding of queues to the restaurant cashier stations. For this reason, the SGA has been working closely with the Dining department. The conclusions of these efforts are as follows:

  1. Proxirest: On February 10th 2021, the mezzanine upstairs resumed operations for the first time since last March, offering drinks and desserts, in order to alleviate the prior congestion of the building’s ground floor facility. Additionally, since the 14th of February 2021, the weekly sale of fresh vegetables restarted, taking place every Sunday.
  2. Cafeteria: Starting February 11th, the second, previously unused cash register in the cafeteria started taking orders, in an effort to split the usually long waiting line between both order points available in the facility.
  3. Pizzeria: Since Fall 2020, pizza orders have been moved from the pizzeria to Tom’s, up until the 10th of February. From that day onwards, the pizzeria upstairs reopened for takeout meals, and that portion of the menu was moved back there, which helped address the overcrowding issue in Tom’s.
  4. Dining App: Over the past year, the SGA has been working along with the dining department to launch an application that can help students when ordering from on-campus dining services, to implement a faster and more effective way for students to get their meals on a day-to-day basis. For students wishing to pre-order their meals, they could refer to the QR codes available on-site or through links we have shared in Student Community at AUI
  • Athletics: 

In collaboration with the Athletics department, the SGA Athletics Committee started broadcasting the UEFA Champions League games starting 16th February 2021, to cater to soccer fans on campus. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, students are welcome to watch their favorite team play in Auditorium 17 starting at 9pm. 

  • Focus Groups: 

SGA held focus groups on the 10th and 11th February 2021 in the conference room of building 2. The focus groups were a way to come closer to AUIers and hear more from them, and an opportunity to meet senators so that students can share their concerns. The event was very successful, with over 50 attendees over the course of the event.

  • Extended Destress Week:

SGA organized its first de-stress week of the semester. It was initially planned to only last one week, but it was eventually extended to two weeks at the request of students. The event room of building 2, previously known as the game room, was open for everyone on campus from 10 AM to 8 PM. This was an opportunity for students to come and relax during the midterm period. Activities available were retro video games, coloring, chess, checkers, parcheesi, monopoly and playing cards. We also had a tea corner where students were welcomed to make tea for themselves, free of charge.

  • Spring Break Vans:

As a sequel to last year’s initiative, SGA organized van trips for spring break. Destinations included Rabat, Fes, and Meknes. We also included Fes Airport as a destination in order to accommodate students who had to travel back home through the airway. 56 students signed up for Rabat, 27 for Fes/Fes Airport, and 8 for Meknes totaling 91 students who benefitted from this initiative. Prices were set at 100 MAD for Rabat, and 40 MAD for the other trips. Though it was difficult, we managed to keep prices low and competitive compared to other means of transportation. We would like to thank Mr. Akrout for his tremendous help, for making this happen, and for making the process as smooth as possible.

Public Relations and Communication: 

Since the beginning of this mandate, the PR committee has tried to engage more with the student community in new ways. Every Thursday, students have the opportunity to ask any questions should they have any, using #AskSGA on Instagram stories.

In addition to that, the new concept “Did You Know?” has been initiated. It is a series of useful policies, deadlines, procedures, and miscellaneous facts that students might need during their journey at AUI.

Student Safety Force: 

Aimed at promoting and fostering an atmosphere of serenity and peace within the community, The Student Safety Force (SSF) has been unveiled to the public on February 23rd. Through contacting the email address:, students can now voice their concerns about cases of discomfort, sexual harassment, verbal or physical violence, or bullying that they are either the subject or witness of. Furthermore, through its action plan, the organization will proactively raise awareness about mental well-being as well as offer spaces for students in times of need.

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