For a while now, we, as student representatives, have been noticing tremendous efforts put into dismantling drug distribution on campus. While alumni can confirm that illicit material has had a presence on campus for a long time, the current zero-tolerance policy and the 360 degrees strategy for fighting drug abuse on campus have been fruitful. 

From before the pandemic has started and through today, students have been feeling an incremental crackdown on the presence of drugs on campus and have felt that more is being done to eradicate narcotics from AUI. Whether it is through constant information gathering, regular residential building inspections, or unexpected room searches, the administration has been adamant about not only finding culprits but also deterring any student who considers our campus a safe haven for their stashes. 

Through being involved in every single room inspection, the SGA has been able to have a first-hand experience of how thorough these searches are. While we are strictly present in the situations as observers with the duty of protecting the student’s rights, it is truly comforting to know that our university does not take these matters lightly.

While this recent drug bust came as a shock due to the magnitude of the findings, it indicates that there is a more serious issue present on our campus. As we learn in our economics classes, a supply this huge can only indicate that there is a substantial demand. There really is a true concern about students who are struggling with their addictions in silence. We, as SGA, have to commend the university’s stance regarding this situation. Whether it is through the organized town hall or through direct contact with students, Dr. Abdessamad Fatmi has informed students that they are always encouraged to come forward with their issues and ask for help. He continuously emphasizes the fact that any students needing help will get it, no questions asked. As a matter of fact, the university is hiring an addictologist in the coming week. Added to the newly launched listening unit, this is part of the strategy reinforcing mental hygiene which the SGA has been involved in as student representatives.

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