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As communicated to you this morning, the new Pass/Fail Grading System for Spring 2020 has been approved by the University administration. This is the result of immense efforts from SGA Senators who prepared a comprehensive academic proposal for the different AUI departments in question.

The design of our proposal was put together in a way that could accommodate numerous student cases (i.e students who would like to keep the letter grade system to boost their GPA, in their last semester at AUI, in probation, and so on). These different cases severely complicated this proposal, and it took multiple weeks to reach an adequate conclusion. The main reason behind this proposal in the first place was to accommodate all students who have been struggling to cope with these exceptional circumstances and the constraints and learning limitations that followed.

It is thus important to refer to these bullet points to better understand what this approval means for you and all of us as AUI Students:

  • For the Spring 2020 semester, students will be given the choice, in each of their courses, to receive a grade on a P/F basis or on a letter grade basis. Note that this concerns each individual course, so you may choose to have some courses count as P/F and keep the Letter Grade Status for others.
  • The default grades for all AUI students in all courses will be Pass or Fail. The student can then change this status and AUI Faculty will have a record of the grades.
  • Additionally, students who prefer to have a letter grade Transcript instead of a P/F one can communicate that to the Registrar Office and the change “will be automatic and will not require any justification. This option will be valid for 60 calendar days starting the first day of classes of Fall 2020. This switch to a letter grade does not apply to the classes that are already, per catalog, on a P/F basis.” – VPAA.

Some points of clarification and concluding words.

The SGA will be following up with the new decision very closely and will update you with new information. If you have questions that you would like us to address or help you with, we insist on reminding you that your inquiries are more visible to us on our Covid-19 Help Desk than anywhere else. It is also extremely important that you share specific details and some background on your situation if applicable.

Finally, we will be working closely with the administration to ensure that relevant information will be available as soon as we clarify some discussion points that are still ongoing.

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