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Hello, Bonjour, السلام عليكم , ⴰⵣⵓⵍ

First of all, we believe that an important matter needs to be cleared out. As you know, the University decided to grow exponentially. We, as your representatives, conveyed to the decision-makers that we disagree with this goal. While we understand the logic behind it, we can not support it due to the fact that it could negatively affect the student body, particularly in terms of housing.

Through a dozen of meetings we have had over the past couple of months with the administration about housing arrangements, we emphasized that it should be a choice and that no student should be unfairly accommodated.

Concretely, it is no secret that there are not enough beds on campus for everyone. Following the reservations, not many students opted for off-campus options. After a meeting with the administration, we have learned that students can respond with rejection to the email they received today. If you filled off-campus residences as a second choice, but you were not convinced with it as a second option, make sure to reply to the email you received.

Through the talks with the administration, we also managed to successfully push for van trips beyond midnight between campus and off-campus residences. This will apply throughout the semester, and will not be limited to exam periods. More exact details will be communicated about this once we have them.

It is a tough situation for everyone. As much as we would like to push for all students to be on campus, it is not possible, and the plans for growth are irreversible at this point in time.

The question that raises itself is what if everyone refuses. Honestly, the situation is being handled as things go. So there is no answer to that question currently. What we will be doing is continuing to have frequent meetings with the administration on this specific matter, where we will be adamant about defending your rights.

Added to this, our role as SGA right now is to ensure fairness in the process and to make sure that the University delivers in terms of what was promised to students in terms of quality of life in off-campus residences.

We are always open to all ideas and suggestions about how we can better approach this entire situation. Please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for your trust.


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